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Tips on Single Parenthood

About Widow.com

Widow.com is dedicated to bringing widows and widowers and those who stand ready to help them to one place- a community of understanding and caring.

Social Community

When you are dealing with something as intense and painful as losing a spouse, it is helpful to know that what you are experiencing is completely normal. Becoming a widow or widower–entering the state of widowhood–can feel totally isolating and lonely. It is imperative to remember that you are not alone, that there are literally tens of thousands of other widows and widowers who are going through a situation very similar to your own.

Widow support is easily found on the Internet, there are many sites devoted to sharing stories and experiences with other widows. In your community or church group, there are support groups for those who have been widowed. Reach out and you will find many arms reach back to lift and support you while coping.

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